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D50 and D65 ColorViewing Products

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D50 ColorViewing Systems

D50 Color Viewing systems from GTI are compliant with the D50 ISO 3664:2009 standard. GTI´s standardized lighting products provide high quality artificial daylight to make visual color judgements with accuracy and reliability to the graphic, packaging and photographic industry.

D65 ColorMatching Systems

D65 lighting products from GTI are compliant with the international standards  ISO 3668, ASTM D1729 und SAE J361. All D65 standardized artificial daylighting systems from GTI enable aesthetic color evaluation, color  inspection and color matching especially for the entire producing industry.


The Color-Rendering-Demonstrator (CRD-1)  is an educational light box to demonstrate the different appearance of color from identical colored samples under different light sources. For testing visual color harmony under four different light sources side by side the Simultaneous-Color-Viewer (SCV) is the perfect tool.

Why GTI ColorViewing products?

GTI (Graphic Technology Inc.) is one of the leadest manufacturers of standardized D50 and D65 color viewing systems and  lamps. High light quality D50 lamps for the graphic industry (artificial daylight with 5000 Kelvin color temperature) and D65 lamps for the producing industry (artificial daylight with 6500 Kelvin color temperature).

What provides GTI?

GTI provide ColorViewing products, mobile color matching boxes, overhead luminaires for large color viewing solutions and wall viewing systems for aesthetic, perfect color viewing conditions. All color viewing systems and lamps are compliant to the ISO 3664:2009, ISO 3668:2001 and ASTM D1729 standards.

About GTI D50
and D65 lamps.

A properly designed ColourViewing system / ColorMatching system takes into account the performance and colour quality of the lamps. To ensure excellent colour rendering and close visual tolerance, all GTI colour viewing systems use our D50 Graphiclite 100 lamps and all our color matching systems use the D65 ColorMatcher lamps. GTI D50 Graphiclite 100 lamps and the D65 ColorMatcher lamps are manufactured with a unique blend of fluorescent phosphors that no other 5000/6500 Kelvin lamp in the industry can match. GTI lamps produce true full spectrum white light that reproduces colors with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

GTI´s Graphiclite 100 ColorViewing lamp produces an color rendering index (CRI) of approximately 95.

GTI´s D65 ColorMatcher lamps produces  an CRI of 98 rating of B/C based on CIE Standard 15.2 and Publication 51, one of the highest in the industry.

GTI viewing systems include a reflector, diffuser, cabin structure, lighting geometry and D50 Graphiclite 100 lamps / D65 ColorMatcher lamps. A change in the formulation of this system may result in a slight color cast that affects the color evaluation, resulting in a viewing environment that is not ISO compliant. To maintain an ISO 3664:2009 (D50) respective ASTM D1729 (D65) compliant ColorViewing system, use only GTI D50 Graphiclite 100 / D65 ColorMatcher lamps and change lamps regularly.

Why is neutral gray specified and
important when color viewing?

It eliminates the “simultaneous color contrast”. For example, a red pattern on a blue background has an orange tinge. For the eye to see the color accurately, the environment must be chromatically neutral. It minimizes the “color contamination” of the viewing areas caused by reflections from chromatic surfaces. When the D50 or D65 standard illumination is refelected from colored walls, etc., the color quality changes to no longer “standard”. Applying neutral gray tone to chromatic surfaces eliminates such color contamination by providing spectrally neutral surfaces around the viewing area.

Three shades of grey!

Neutral grey Munsell N5 N7 N8

Not all shades of gray are neutral! A “neutral” gray is not simply a black and white mixture, but an equal mixture of all spectral colors (r-o-y-g-b-i-v). A spectrophotometric measure of such a gray tone shows that it contains approximately equal amounts of these spectral colors. Non-neutral shades of gray, however, have unequal amounts of spectral colors, causing a cold or warm color shift in different lighting conditions. Graphiclite® Standard Gray Neutral is in neutral environmental conditions specified in the color standards.