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Color Viewing System for large prints
EVS-2028 Produktbild

Picture: EVS-2028 Color Viewing System without floorstand

  • EVS-2028 Color Viewing System
  • D50 artificial daylight
  • Horizontal and vertica viewing area
  • Asymmetrical lamp
  • State of the art ballast / slim T8 lamps
  • Compliant with the ISO 3664:2009 standard
  • LiteGuard II displays warm up time, operating time and remaining time life before relamping is requiered
  • Height adjustable floorstand
  • Side walls available (optional)

Configurations (examples)

Picture: EVS-2028/FS 

EVS Normlicht Farbprüfstation mit FS

Picture: EVS-2028/FS/TS