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Color Viewing Station
for large prints
EVS Normlichtsystem mit 2 Schubladen und Untergestell

Picture: EVS-2540 Color Viewing Station
with height adjustable floorstand

  • EVS-2540 Color Viewing Station
  • D50 (5000K) artificial daylight
  • Horizontal and vertical viewing area
  • Asymmetric lamp
  • State of the art electronic ballasts
  • Meet the ISO 3664:2009 standard
  • Improved reflectors
  • Incl. LiteGuard II
  • Height adjustable floorstand available (optional)
  • Optional side walls available
  • Viewing area: 102 x 64cm

Configurations (examples)

EVS Normlichtstation mit Floorstand

Picture: EVS-2540/FS

EVS Normlichtsystem mit Untergestell

Picture: EVS-2540/FS/2F