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Softproofing Systems

Softproofing Systems improve your color management by adjusting the optimize light intensity between your light booth and color viewing monitor.
High precision and unique features make the Soft-View-Series a perfect choice to your softproofing requirements.

Productvideo SOFV-1xiQ (english)
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softview in use

The softproofing system „SOFV-1xi“ is a color viewing system with a viewing area of 50 x 61 cm. Design and unique features make the SOFV-1xi a ideal choice for softproofing applications.
The high light quality of the GTI Graphiclite 100 lamps guarantee a consisting and exact color rendition. Digital light dimming allows a perfect setting of light intensity to your monitor.
Adjustable light shields on the upper and lower luminaire, a viewing surface of steel to use magnets for fixing paper works, side walls to avoid ambient light and intuitive control panels are included.



IQ sensor softproof systems unite the desktop soft view station with a  50 x 61 cm display area and the state-of-the-art wireless IQ-light sensor. The SOFV-1xiQ has a integrated processor which allows a wireless communication between the IQ-sensor and the upper and lower luminaires. The portable, wireless IQ-sensor makes automatically adjustments of brightness between the color monitor and the softviewing station. These automatically adjustments, the automatic calibration and monitoring of the ambient light ensure the observance of the ISO 3664:2009 standard.

Modern electronic ballasts and slim T8 flourescent light tubes – Improved reflector technology – Neutral grey painted surface – Meets the ISO 3664-2009 standard requirements for light quality, light intensity, eveness and geometry.