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D50 Vertical Wall Viewing Systems

Professional luminaires are the key component of vertical wall viewing systems. Innovative parabolic glases and modern geometry design charcterize GTI´s wall viewing luminaires. For that reason, all GTI´s wall viewing systems provide a hight quality and uniform light distribution over the entire vertical viewing area. All luminaires are equipped with GTI´s „Graphiclite 100 color viewing lamps“ which meets the ISO 3664:2009 standard requirements.

Kurve spektrale Lichtverteilung
An optimal standardized lighting system requires a perfect coordinated system of Color-viewing-luminaire (hight light quality/intensity), perfect angled mounting system (geometry) and neutral colored viewing surface (neutral grey paint) to achieve perfect color viewing conditions.

Productvideo Wall Viewing Systems
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GTI´s Wall Viewing Systems

…available in two versions.

All GTI standardized lighting wall viewing luminaires are factory fitted with D50 „Graphiclite-100“ lamps.
Available options:
– Multi light lamps with 2 or 3 light sources
– Wireless remote control
– Dimmable devices for soft proofing applications.


The slim design of the GLE-Series is ideal for conference rooms and design studios.


The GLL-Series is ideal for critical color judgements in the producing area.

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