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GLL-1040e/PH Wall Viewing System

GLL-1040e-ph with wall bracket-min

Must be connected with existing power circuit
10 flourescent tubes each 40 watt
High light intensity for perfect light illumination to the entire viewing area
Viewing area: 150 x 200 cm (w x h)
Light tube included.

parabolic lens

GLL-1040e/PH Wall Viewing System
Particular spectral neutral prismatic lens
for a uniform illumination


Artificial daylight

D50 Tageslicht Symbol


Symmetrische Lichtführung
Optional equipment

Rotary dimmer

Manueller Dimmer Symbol

LiteGuard II

LiteGuard Stundenzähler

Digital dimmer

Digitaler Dimmer Farbprüfleuchten

…includes LiteGuard II

Wireless remote control

Wireless Remote Control / Fernbedienung

…(requires digital dimmer)

WB-GL/40 wall mounting bracket

wall mounting bracket

not included – please specify when ordering