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color matching booth
CMB Color Matcher Booth
D65 Color Viewing System

Provides all features and options for a reliable communication and evaluation of colors. Available in four different sizes depending to the requiered viewing area. All CMB light cabins are compliant to the standards ASTM D1729, SAE J361, ISO 3668 and BS-950-2 and will be supplied with product conformity certificate.
5 light sources make the CMB an important tool for visual color control, color comparison and discover/avoid metamerism.
Equipped with 5 light sources:  Artificial daylight D65, store light CWF or TL84, home light incandescent A, optional light source TL83/D50/LED and UV-light.
The CMB color matcher booth is also factory fitted with the ColorGuard II, which displays the current used light source, the operating time and the remaining lamp life before relamping is neccessary to keep the standard requirements.
The “Sequenz-Button” allows to start a pre-selected, automatically running sequence of all light sources for a convenient workflow.

Productvideo ColorMatcher (Source: Youtube)

CMB Color Matcher Booth – Properties overview:
  • CMB Color Matcher Booth with 5 light sources for reliable color comparision, communication and evaluation of colors.
  • D65 – TL84 – Incandescent A – Optional light source (TL83/CWF) and UV-light.
  • Compliant to the ASTM and ISO standards regarding light quality – light intensity – evenness – geometry
  • Neutral Munsell N8 painted surface
  • Lightsources can be changed (Example: CWF to TL83 or to D50…….)
  • All CMB´s are factory fitted with ColorGuard II – controls all 5 light sources.
  • Programmable light sequence for convenient work flow
  • „Instand On“ technology to avoid dark breaks when light source will changed
  • Non-aging parabolic lenses for uniform light distribution

CMB 2028

ColorMatching Lichtkabine

Viewing area
71 x 51 x 48 cm

CMB 2540

ColorMatching Lichtkabine

Viewing area
100 x 64 x 64 cm

CMB 3052

ColorMatching Lichtkabine

Viewing area
132 x 76 x 75 cm

CMB 3064

ColorMatching Lichtkabine

Viewing area
163 x 76 x 76 cm