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MiniMatcher Color Viewing Systems

Mini Matcher ColorViewing Systems

MiniMatcher MM Serie Titelbild

MiniMatcher Color Viewing Systems are ideal for color matching of cosmetics, coatings, consumer goods, ink, packaging, fashion and much more. All Mini Matcher units are compliant to the ASTM D1729 standard. Available in 5 different models with 3, up to 5 light sources.

The Mini Matcher MM-1e and MM-2e are equipped with 3 light sources – artificial daylight (D65 or D50) – store light (CWF or TL84) and home light (incandescent A). Optional UV light is also available.

The models MM-4e, MM-2436e, MM-2448e und MM-2460e are factory fitted with 5 light sources (artificial daylight D65  – store light TL84 – home light incandescent A – optional light source TL83 or CWF and UV light. The elapsed time meter displays the operating time of daylight source and is also included. The sequence apllication allows to programm a full automatic sequence of light sources in an required order, for a convenient work flow.

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Features overview:

  • GTI Mini Matcher systems are a perfect tool for color comparision and color evaluation under different light sources.
  • Compact color viewing systems with 3 up to 5 light sources.
  • Daylight D65 or D50, store light TL84, incandescent A, optional light source and uv-light.
  • All light sources are changeable to meet individual requirements.
  • Easy setup without tools.
  • Sequence application to switch light sources automatically for a convenient work flow. (Only available in units with 5 light sources).
  • Daylight source timer.
  • Neutral Munsell N8 painted surface.

MiniMatcher Color Viewing Systems with 3 or 4 light sources.


MiniMatcher 2e

3 light sources
UV-light optional available
Illuminated viewing area:
(W/D/H) 46 x 25 x 33 cm




    MiniMatcher 1e

    3 light sources
    UV-light optional available
    Illuminated viewing area:
    (W/D/H) 61 x 34 x 36 cm



      Mini Matcher ColorViewing Systems with 5 light sources.


      MiniMatcher 4e

      5 light sources
      Incl. UV light
      Incl. daylight timer
      Programmable light sequence
      Viewing area
      (w x d x h)
      61 x 41 x 36cm


        MM-2436e |-48e |-60e

        MiniMatcher 2436e

        5 light sources (incl. UV)
        Daylight timer
        Programmable light sequence
        Viewing area:        (W/D/H)
        MM-2436e:    91 x 58 x 59 cm
        MM-2448e:  122 x 58 x 59 cm
        MM-2460e:  153 x 58 x 59 cm



          with 5 light sourceswith 4 light sourceswith 3 light sources