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Mobile Desktop ColorViewer Multilight

PDV-M with probs

Viewing area
(w x d x h)
48 x 19 x 33 cm

PDV Multisource

The PDV-2e/M (multisource) are portable color viewing stations with several light sources for critical color viewing, color comparison and discovering metamerism effects. The foldable design makes this unit to an ideal tool for labs, for presentations at your customers and in all areas, where large stations are unusable.
Available in 2 versions:

The PDV-2e/M3 – factory fitted with 3 light sources: daylight (D65) – store light (TL84) – home light (incandescent A)

The PDV-2e/M4 – equipped with additional UV-light and LightGuard which displays operated time of daylight source.

All PDV-2e/M units will supplied with side walls to avoid influence of ambient light. Side walls are simple and without tools to install/remove. State of the art electronic ballasts „Multi-Voltage“ enable worldwide usability  (110/230 Volt – 50/60 Hz). Neutral grey Munsell N8 painted surface ensures reliable color evaluation without visual color contamination.
All units are compliant with the ASTM D1729 standard for light quality, light intensity, evenness and geometry.

Mobile Desktop ColorViewer Multilight. REQUEST NOW!!!


    without UV-light


      incl. UV-light

      PDV Multisource carried