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Simultaneous Color Viewer

Color viewing under 4/5 light sources

Simultaneous color viewer
Simultaneous Color Viewer in use

(artificial daylight – store light – LED light – home light – UV)

The unique patented* design allows color evaluation and testing color harmony under the most common light sources. Store light TL84 can be changed to CWF if required.
(* Patent pending)

Surface: Munsell N/7 neutral grey
Dimensions: W/D/H  (38  x 40  x 64 cm)
Maximum thickness of samples: 14 mm

Simultaneous color viewing under different light conditions…

…enables designer comparing color samples under 4 light sources, with and without additional UV light. An immediately visuell demonstration of samples color constance is helpful to choose colors and meet designers intentions. Find out color harmony by pairing different colored samples and evaluate simultanous under different light sources. That is be helpful to figure out, if it´s a good color combination under most common lighting conditions.

Simultaneous Color Viewer light off
Simultaneous Color Viewer lights on

To discover optical brightener and flourescent pigments, the UV-light is a very helpful tool. It is possible to switch on the UV-light during other light sources operating or to check colors only under UV-light. The spring-loaded platform enables color viewing of thicker materials such as carpets patterns.

Simultaneous Color Viewer with carpet

Features overview:

  • Discover metamerism and test color harmony
  • Simultaneous color comparison under different light conditions
  • Spring loaded platform for thicker samples
  • Requires no construction
  • Artificial daylight, store light, LED light and home light
  • Additional UV light helps finding flourescent pigments

    Productvideo SCV  

    Source: Youtube