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PDV-1e Portable Desktop Viewer
Mobile Desktop Normlichtkabine - PDV1e

Portable Desktop Viewer
available with D50 or D65 lamps.

Viewing area:
30 x 41cm

  • PDV-1e Portable Desktop Viewer for small color prints
  • Allows accurate color assessments at your workstation / desk
  • Vertical viewing area 30 x 41 cm
  • Modern electronic ballast and slim T8 lamps
  • Meets the ISO standards for light quality, light intensity, eveness and geometry
  • Neutral grey painted surface
  • Easy to install without tools
  • Convenient transportation to customers through the foldable design
  • Side walls optional available

PDV-1e with sidewalls


    PDV-1e / D50PDV-1e / D50 with sidewallsPDV-1e / D65PDV-1e / D65 with sidewalls