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GTI´s D50 overhead luminaires are a cost effective solution for all areas, where color viewing stations cannot be accommodated as well as for color evaluation of large format art work prints.

All GTI luminaires using
Graphiclite-100 D50 color viewing lamps
for critical color viewing

Productvideo overhead luminaires (engl.)
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GLE Series

State of the art designed lamps
Ideal for conference rooms and design studios

GLE ceiling lamp

Color viewing luminaires for all applications where color viewing stations cannot be accommodated. Artificial daylight D50 (unless otherwise specified). Evenly illumination of small to large viewing areas. GLE overhead luminaires are available with symmetrical or asymmetrical  reflectors. Spectrally neutral non-aging diffusers for permanent and uniform illumination. All D50 standardized lighting overhead luminaires will be supplied with mounting bracket and chain suspension bracket. GLE models are equipped with on/off switch and having a modern slim design. Easy relamping by „do-it-yourself“ avoid high maintenance costs.

GLL Series

 For critical color viewing in the producing area
GLL luminaires must be connected to existing electrical circuit

GLL ceiling lamp

GLL color viewing overhead luminaires requires connection to the existing electrical circuit and need to turn on/off with existing switch. Only available as symmetrical color viewing luminaire. Equipped with artificial daylight D50 (if not otherwise specified). Also available as multi light source with 2 or 3 light sources. Evenly light distribution of small to big viewing surfaces. Innovative, spectrally neutral and non-aging diffuser for a permanently and uniformitly light distribution. Chain suspension bracket is includet. Low maintanance cost due to easy relamping by „do-it-yourself“. Can be integrated into a suspended ceiling.