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Vertical Print Inspector

VPI-64 Color Viewing System

VPI 40 Vertikale Farbprüfstation

…with floorstand on rolls
Viewing area:
162 x 115 cm

  • VPI-64 color viewing station with D50 artificial daylight
  • 115 cm high vertical viewing area
  • Symmetrical color viewing lamp
  • Compliant with the ISO 3664:2009 standard
  • Incl. ColorGuard II which displays warm up time, operating time and remaining lamp life before relamping is required
  • Neutral grey painted surface
  • Incl. magnetic print bar
  • Optional side walls available
  • Dimmable versions available (upon request)
Vertikaler Print Inspector mit Muster


VPI Farbprüfstation in Anwendung

…with additional lower luminaire and side walls